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If you are a client of ours, you may have brought in a picture of a hair style or colour that you want only to be told “nope, not gonna happen.” Say what? If you bring in the style you want, your hair stylist should just do it, right? Unfortunately, this is true with most salons, but not at Colour:fix.

At first you might be a little put off by our bluntness or seemingly unwillingness to do what you want. But, in the end, you will be happy we did.

Let's start with an easy one. You have thick wavy or curly hair and the picture you brought in is of a layered straight style. Your thick wavy hair will not look the same as that picture in that style. Another example is the photo you brought in is of a bob on a model with an oval face. You on the other hand have more of a squarish face or fuller cheeks. This bob will not be flattering on you. Or you have a fiery red colour palette in mind, but your olive skin tone doesn't cater to a warm colour family.

Model Hair Styles

In short, we look at YOU and know what will look good on YOU, not the model in the photo. Also keep in mind, that model has a team of professionals that did them up for at least an hour or two to make them look fabulous for that one shot. If you have that kind of team at home, more power to you! But for the rest of us, we need to stick to what we can handle.

But back to what we do for you. Our job is to make you feel beautiful, to be YOU. And not with someone else's style. We take into consideration your hair type, skin tone, face shape, and personal style. Now that isn't to say that you shouldn't bring that photo. A picture is worth a thousand words. Together we will take a look at it and customize that style to fit you.

Here are some tips on what TO bring:

1. Bring a variety of photos of different aspects of a style or colour, show us that Pinterest board you created. We will better be able to create a custom look for you from different parts as opposed to one photo.

2. When thinking about color a colour you want, find swatches or examples that have the tone(s) and nuances that you like. There are many different variances of "chocolate". Do you want dark chocolate or milk chocolate? Don't forget about white chocolate.... just saying.

3. Most people think their face is round. Want to really know what shape it is? Stand in front of a mirror and trace your face, on the mirror, with eyeliner. lipstick or something similar. Then step back and look at it. More than likely you will be surprised what shape your face actually is. Better yet, ask us. We can go in to great depth in our evaluation and explain exactly how and why a style will look good on you.

And that is what we mean when we say custom hair. A style that is created to fit YOU. A style that fits your face shape, your skin tone and your personal style. And in the end isn't that why you go to a professional, for their expertise?

Now while it might seem that you want a stylist that will do exactly what you think you want. Trust us, you will be better serviced by a stylist that will tell you the truth and create a look that will look awesome on YOU. Trust them to do right by you. You will be happy that you did! (And if they don't, you need to schedule your next appointment with us! Then you will understand.)


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