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Many of you may or may not know, I am Michael's future wife. At this moment he does not know that I am "guest posting" on his blog. But I very much wanted to share a perspective from an "outsider".

I have had the pleasure of watching Michael create the most amazing hair styles for 3 years now. Knowing nothing about hair myself, it is mind blowing for me to see the amazing colors that he can create day after day, not only with my own mess of a mop but with all of your hair as well. I always think I have seen it all, but then he sends me a picture of a color that is out of this world, from what seems a simple colour to the most elaborate! Even what looks like a simple, single color has so much depth and tones that you may not see, but it takes that "simple" colour to a level you can't get from anywhere else!

Mary C. wrote a great review of Michael on Yelp the other day. She said

"Don't let his understated approach fool you, this man is a serious Master Stylist and Color Artist.

His cuts and color are flawless and high end, but done in a comfortable setting."

She couldn't have said it more perfect. I know I for one always feel uncomfortable going into any salon that isn't a Great Clips. I feel like I don't belong. With Michael it's different, and not only because we live together, he is laid back and very nonchalant about his work. At first you may wonder if you're in the right place. But when the hair dryer goes off and you look in the mirror, you know you couldn't have been more right in your decision.

I have had the pleasure of being at the salon during that moment and the smiles and gratitude of the women that just had their hair done is so infectious. They feel good and you can tell. It is as if they are glowing.

You don't even need a plan. I for one sit in the chair and he asks me, "What do you want to do?" To which I reply, "I don't know. What do you want to look at everyday?" He also doesn't hold back. If you bring in a picture of a style and say, "I want that." He will straight up tell you, "That won't look good on you." Or, "We can do that, but it is going to take at least 10 hours!" From there he will give you options of styles you can do that are similar and will work with the shape of your face, skin tone and style.

So much work goes into every cut and/or colour that he creates and he takes it all very seriously, otherwise he wouldn't do it. Michael puts his heart and soul into everything that he creates. If you haven't had your hair done by him, I highly recommend him. And if you think, "Oh she's just saying that because she is his girlfriend." You don't have to take my word for it. Take theirs:

Linda W.

"No need to keep searching - Michael is the best! Haircuts and color, long hair or short. I've

done it all in the many years he has been my stylist. People regularly compliment my cut

and color. Other stylist ask to look at my hair. He trains other stylist on how to cut and color.

Trust me, you won't be disappointed!"

Mary C.

"Better than the Best. Yes, he's that good. I have been coming to Michael for over 10 years. My curly hair looks great every single time. I honestly have never had better haircuts and I have tried very pricey salons. On a number of occasions, when I live out of state or have tried another place, I have returned to Michael to fix my hair. He was my first stop off the plane last month! If I could, Id seriously fly to see him all the time! Don't let his understated approach fool you, this man is a serious Master Stylist and Color Artist. His cuts and color are flawless and high end, but done in a comfortable setting."

Mia P.

"michael has done my hair for 10 years and he's the best. he's colored my hair for 2 years and

does a great job - my hair is never dry or brittle. i know he does a great job when i receive

compliments from other hair professionals. as a commercial and tv actress, the hair pro's i work

with consistently compliment my cut and color. i always recommend michael to everyone. tell him

i sent you!"

Jake W.

"Been coming to Michael since I was 11. After 14 years I've seen him do it all. Best haircuts for

men and women and also a master with color. Never need to go anywhere else. A stand up

guy as well"

Check out Michael's work here: Click to View Gallery

Cheers all! Thank you for listen to me praise Michael :)

~ Cheryl


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