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"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." Maya Angelou

Passion is a very important thing that many people forget about. It gets you up in the morning, keeps you going through hard times and just makes your life happier. I see people almost every day that don't have a “passion” in their life. They just don't have that fire.

Passion #1: Veterans

­Last week I walked for Chicago Veterans, a local organization that raises money to help the

families of Chicago Veterans that gave their lives for our country. It was a 22 mile march where we were suppose to carry 22lbs. I carried 35lbs because I didn't feel like 22lbs was going to be enough of a challenge. It wasn't enough of a sacrifice from me compared to what those men and women gave up, for me. Some of you helped me raise $295 for the families. Every little bit helps. What we raised will feed a family for a week or help to pay their rent. The march started in the affluent city of Glenco. As I walked by all of those incredible mansions, most of which were being remodeled and upgraded, I got really really angry. All those people with soooo much money, but here are 1200 people blistering our feet to try to raise money to help support families of veterans. WTF? But that's a whole other rant that I won't get in to today.

Passion #2: Toughmudder

I love the personal challenge, the physical activity and the amazing like-minded people that I have met. Yet that's not what keeps me going back. It's the camaraderie; it's helping people that might not be able to complete the course on their own. It has earned me the nickname “The Sweeper” because I always go back and help everyone behind me complete the course. There is nothing like the feeling of getting someone past an obstacle that they just walked up to and said “no way I can do that”. I look them in the eye and tell them “I will get through this obstacle”. There has been no person that has not gotten through an obstacle, unless they gave up on themselves. Sometimes it takes 10 to 15 people to get them through, but the Toughmudder “family” comes together and helps complete strangers. There is nothing like that feeling when they get over the obstacle, the tears in their eyes, the hugs, the feeling that a group of strangers came together and solved a problem.

Passion #3

My wonderful soon to be wife, Cheryl

Passion #4: Hair

Remember that feeling that I talked about in #2? I get the same feeling when

I see the look on someone's face when we have just given them an amazing new look. I constantly study and research new things. I practice new techniques. I spend hours, every week trying to improve. It is my goal to give ever person that sits in my chair the best possible look for them. I take in to consideration face shape, skin tone and multiple other factors. It's a science and an art. The perfect combination for an intense mind like mine.

Find your passion. Find something that lights a fire in your soul. Find it and run with it. Enjoy


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