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Over the summer we posted on our Facebook Page an article from the site about a nurse that works at a nursing home that has brightly colored hair. While people she encountered couldn't believe that her work allowed her to look the way she does, most that reacted to her own Facebook post, ourselves included, loved her creativity and cheery disposition.

"Her story has struck a chord online. 'Your post really shows how we judge others by looks and not substance,’ wrote one Facebook user. Another added: ‘I think personal expression and acceptance of others as they are is something that we need a lot more of right now. Looks great to me and love your smile. 'As many people have pointed out, seeing Mary with her rainbow hair and coordinating pink stethoscope on her rounds is probably just the tonic her patients need.' And wouldn’t the world be such a boring place if we all looked the same?

She stated: 'Please explain to me how my appearance, while being paired with my cheerful disposition, servant’s heart, and smiling face, has made me unfit to provide nursing care and unable to do my job!"

~ Allison Lynch for

We recently had our own experience with this! Client & Friend, Tricia, is a Critical Care Travel nurse who works in ICUs across the country. She has been getting accent colour highlights with us for some time now. Well, now she is a fellow colour addict and needed a bigger, better fix! Recently she made an appointment with Michael and went all out. They added some major colour accents throughout her hair.

To start, they partitioned sections to add the colour to. Then lightened it to a point where the colour would take. Michael went with a total of 5 colours for each section, each beautifully transitioning to the next. Her dark brown hair beautifully surrounds the colours which really make them pop.

When we were finished Tricia had to jet off to work, even before Michael was able to dry and style her hair! When she was able to dry and style her hair herself, she sent us pictures of how awesome her hair looked!!!

But for the major test. How would work react? Well we are happy to report that they loved it! For the same reasons as Allison stated in her article. Hospitals can be such sad places, so adding a much needed pop of colour is just what the doctor ordered.

Her patients even loved it: "When you comment on your elderly, spitfire of a patient's toes because they have a pretty polish on them. Then the next time you come into the room, she tells you, 'hey my toes match your hair!'. I asked her how she felt about that, to which she replies, 'it's a very pretty color, that's why I picked it' ". Life without color is boring." ~Tricia

Thank you Tricia!! We are so happy that we could help you add a colourful happiness to the world!

Do you have a story about how your fab hair colour made a big splash at work? Please share it with us.


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