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So you've made the decision to feed your colour addiction with a bold, vivid fashion colour! CONGRATULATIONS! And welcome to our colour addict army! Having brightly coloured hair is fun and shows off your wild side. But while you might have a carefree spirit, having a bold hair colour can be quite a bit of work. While it seems like it should be no different that having a natural tone, the process of achieving the perfect fashion color can be rather grueling. It takes lots of time and dedication to maintaining the integrity of the hair, and both of those can incur a high price tag. However, if you are willing to commit, the end result is spectacular!

Just as important as selecting your must have hair colour, you have to find the right hair colourist. You need to do some research and find a technician that actually knows the ins and outs of hair colour. Seems like a no brainer right? WRONG! You would be surprised how many stylists aren't masters of all hair colours. A great colourist will know: How will the colour take on your hair? Is the colour you selected the right colour for you? What is the best way to apply multiple colours so they look dynamite on your hair?

Many stylists have portfolios of their work on their website or Facebook profile. Many even offer free consultations. These are both worth checking out. You need to feel comfortable with your stylist and know that they are the right fit for you. It goes without saying, the stylists at Colour:fix are masters of colour, ALL colour. And they will tell you what can and can't work for your hair, giving you the most fabulous colour you could have ever hoped for.

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OK. You have your colour(s), you selected your stylist...Now what?

When making your appointment, make sure you are ready to dedicate a good chunk of time at the salon. The road to rainbow can take anywhere between 4-6 hours, and sometimes over a span of multiple appointments. Why so long you ask? Well, the rule of thumb for any fashion color is to have a light, even canvas to work on.

Most fashion colors are direct dyes, which means the pigment sits on top of the hair. Imagine coloring with crayons. If you are coloring on a brown piece of paper, the color doesn’t show up well or true to tone. Using direct dyes is like “coloring” on the hair, and is why the hair must be lightened. Depending on the length, thickness and starting color of your hair, the lightening process alone can take 2+ hours. But getting that perfect base is the start to your perfect colour.

When hair is lightened, it goes through an oxidation process that dissolves pigment already present in the hair. In order for the hair to lift the color, the lightening agents must penetrate the protective outer cuticle layer of the hair, which can cause damage and breakage if not processed properly. Your stylist should follow up with a conditioning treatment to keep your hair in the best condition possible.

After your hair is lightened to the right level, the colour is applied. Depending on the complexity of your application, this process could take a few more hours.

If pastels are your hair goals, they must be applied on nearly white blond hair. A toner may be necessary after lightening if your hair has any unwanted pigment remaining. For example, if your goal is sky blue, any yellow left in the hair will result in a green shade, therefore the yellow must be eliminated prior to applying the sky blue to avoid unwanted green tones. Once the hair is lifted to the necessary tone, the bright colors can be applied.

Fashion colors can be worn by anyone. Even if a dress code restricts your hair choices, if you are willing to rebel a little, with careful application, color can be hidden when necessary, and shown off when wanted with a simple change of your part or style.

So even though it sounds like a lot of work, the end result is a brilliant, in your face colour that will bring a smile to your, and everyone else's face. And in the end, isn't that worth living in colour?


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