Owner, Redken Certified Hair Colorist

I a former Army Ranger and an avid Toughmudder. I live on the edge and push the limits in everything I do. I have been in the hair business since 1989. I look at hair like I have everything else in my life, I simply want to be the best. 


I have been a stylist, a colorist, an educator for a major hair product manufacturer, a salon owner, a salon manager and I developed and ran the education program for a 27 chair salon. I teach new stylists but more importantly, I teach clients. If you can’t make it look good, I didn’t do my job correctly.


Each client has different needs, desires and hair types. I strive to deliver the best for each and every client. Face shape and skin tone are keys to giving you the best look, customized just for you.

Christine "Skittlez" Rapp
Hair colourist extraordinaire

Growing up, I always had my nose in a book. Reading fantasy and fiction had me constantly wanting to push the envelope on reality. I dreamed of tattoos that changed shapes, and hair that grew out in many different colors. When I learned it truly was possible to change your hair to any color of the rainbow, my imagination exploded with ideas, and soon my hair and my sink were dyed bright fire engine red.

Since then, my fascination with hair color has flourished. I started assisting in a salon when I was in high school, and learned as much as I could about color and styling. Having a solid background in the salon, I whizzed through beauty school, and began my search for the perfect salon. I knew I wanted to work in an edgy neighborhood that would allow me to express my creativity through color, and embrace the uniqueness of my rainbow hair, which led me to the Belmont and Clark area. Over the years, I have set my imagination free. Whether I'm pinning up rainbow victory curls, or smoothing out wild red frizz for a sleek Jessica Rabbit shine, my creativity knows no boundaries.

Colour: fix

2860 N. Broadway

Suite 10 - in Salons by JC

Chicago, IL 60657


Tuesday - Friday 11am - 8pm

Saturday 9am - 4pm

By Appointment Only
call or text: 773.627.2375

Validated Garage Parking

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