Colour Fix


Owner, Redken Certified Hair Colorist

I am former Army Ranger and an avid Toughmudder. I live on the edge and push the limits in everything I do. I have been in the hair business since 1989. I look at hair like I have everything else in my life, I simply want to be the best. 


I have been a stylist, a colorist, an educator for a major hair product manufacturer, a salon owner, a salon manager and I developed and ran the education program for a 27 chair salon. I teach new stylists but more importantly, I teach clients. If you can’t make it look good, I didn’t do my job correctly.


Each client has different needs, desires and hair types. I strive to deliver the best for each and every client. Face shape and skin tone are keys to giving you the best look, customized just for you.