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St. Baldrick's Rodam Shaves for Kids

I want to tell you about my step-son, Christian. My wife & I were talking about a St Baldrick's event that our friends are hosting and Christian immediately wanted to know how he could get involved. So next month he is participating by shaving his head for kids with cancer. Would you consider donating to his page? Any amount, even only $1 helps! TIA

CFD vs CPD Toughmudder

We are putting together this epic battle for charity and Chicago bragging rights for the 2 biggest departments in town: The Chicago Fire Dept & The Chicago Police Dept. They will be going head to head at the Chicago Tough Mudder Event in Rockford this August for charity & bragging rights. Bare with us as we put this together, but we would love it if you would "Like" the page and follow along and find out how you can help!

Chicago Veterans Ruck March

Together let's raise awareness of veteran suicide and help end this epidemic. If you’re as passionate about our cause as we are, we encourage you to sign up for the ruck march , volunteer for the event,  create a fundraising page, or if you're up for it, do all three! This will be an amazing and emotional event we know you will be proud of.

Awareness is great, but action is better!

Our goal is to honor our fallen brothers and sisters and raise as much awareness as possible of PTSD and Veteran suicide through a patriotic 20 mile Ruck March, carrying 20+ pound rucks. The march kicks off at 8am sharp!

Check out their website to register to march or donate: View Site

More Heart than Scars

​There are people who spend their time helping others, rarely seeking help themselves. Zack Paben is one of those people. Three pancreatitis attacks, no gall bladder, hiatal hernia, liver issues & his Insurance policy cancelled after last hospital episode. Still, Zack continues to pour his heart and soul into helping others through More Hearts Than Scars, even as his own life is in jeapordy. The obstacle, adventure, and endurance racing communities are filled with generous people and we are asking for some of that generosity to extend to Zack and his family through this very difficult healthcare struggle. 

Because his insurance company has abandoned him, he needs our help.

Read more about Zach here: Read More

Chicago Veterans

​Chicago Veterans is 100% volunteer driven, not one staff member takes a salary. From our web development to our programs, events, and job fairs, veterans and supporters donate their time and funds to help build a strong veteran community. 100% of every dollar donated online goes directly into our programs and building the veteran community. Blending the head of a for-profit business with the heart of a humanitarian nonprofit, we rigorously measure the return on investment of every donor dollar we spend. Joy and passion are great, but results are what we’re all about. 

Check out their website. There are more ways to help than just sending money!

Find out about the Chicago Veteran's Mission, Events and ways you can help here: Read More >

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